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Zing at Ayala Malls

Role: Team Lead, iOS and Backend Developer

Developed at White Cloak Technologies, Inc.

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Web

  • Web Admin Portal

  • Backend

Zing is Ayala Malls’ mobile app and website that is meant to maximize the malling experience of its customers. With Zing, users can get free WiFi in all Ayala Malls, book movie tickets instantly, earn Zing points and redeem them as vouchers, find and navigate to shops and restaurants, and get updates on exclusive sales and promos.

Involvement: from start to production and maintenance

Date: Jan 2019 - May 2020

  • Loyalty and Rewards

  • Indoor Map

  • Cinema Booking

  • Mall Information

Technical Skills



Native Kotlin/Java, Flutter

IDE: Android Studio

Tools/Libraries: Dagger, Retrofit, RxJava, Gson, bloc, get_it

Architecture - MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture

Others: Play Store Deployment, Firebase



Native Objective-C/Swift, Flutter

IDE: XCode

Tools/Libraries: Cocoapods, Carthage, XCodeGen, IGListKit, RxSwift, Fastlane, bloc, get_it

Architecture - MVP, MVVM, uFeatures, Coordinator

Others: App Store Deployment, Firebase, Buddybuild, TestFlight



React.js, Next.js, Wordpress

Code Editor: Visual Studio Code

Tools/Libraries: Yarn, npm, Storybook, Moment.js, particles.js

Others: Static Site Deployment to GitHub Pages, Digital Ocean Deployment, AWS EC2 Deployment



Spring Boot Kotlin/Java, Laravel, AdonisJS

IDE/Code Editor: IntelliJ IDEA, PHP Storm, Visual Studio Code

Tools/Libraries: Gson, Feign, Laravel Nova, Laravel Socialite, Laravel Passport

Architecture - MVC, Clean Architecture, Microservices

Others: LEMP stack Deployment in Digital Ocean, AWS EC2 Deployment, Postman, Swagger

Change - real change - comes from the inside out. It doesn't come from hacking at the leaves of attitude and behavior with quick fix personality ethic techniques.  It comes from striking at the root - the fabric of our thought, the fundamental, essential paradigms,  which we give definition to our character and create the lens through  which we see the world.

- Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People




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